Caught In The Wire


Music and lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

Time won’t stop for anyone, it doesn’t stand and wait
For the ones who run so fast, yet always get in late
I wanted to be an astronaut, so I could learn to fly
And dance in the moonlight, and watch the world go by from up high

Now I’m caught in the wire
That stretches between all I am and all I could have been
And I stand in the fire
This taster of hell that says heaven was just a dream
Not for me

The air is warm tonight, but somehow I feel so cold
The night is young, but I’ve never felt so old
I wish my faith was strong, didn’t fail at times like these
When hallelujahs don’t come so easily


I always try to be quick to listen and slow to speak
But I open my mouth and words come falling out
But I’ll try tomorrow on the time I’ve borrowed
To get it right, before I lose the light

I know that you’re still here, it’s only me who walks
When the sound of my own fear is the loudest voice that talks
But there’s power in me yet, I’ll get up and take a stand
Against this old enemy, then I’ll wait for your hand

To pull me out of the wire
That stretches between all I am and all I could have been
Get me out of this fire
This taster of hell that keeps heaven away from me
Away from me

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