Key In The Lock


Music by Mali Korsten and Cuan Korsten. Lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

Sun is sinking low
And I gotta go before I change my mind
And closure feels so sweet
I almost can’t believe it’s taken so much time

And we’ve got one look saved for each other
One lie for one another
Truth never came too easily

And I’ve got three hours to understand that
Things change, and I will confess that
Time’s drained the love out of me

So goodbye, I let go
I loved you too much and so
Today is time for the key in the lock
The lid on the box
So goodbye

Maybe we were friends
Or maybe I just saw what I wanted to see
And letting go is hard
When loving you always came to naturally to me

And we’ve got three years to walk away from
No time to sing the same song
We’d only sing it out of key

And I’ve got one love to lay to rest
One life to put to test
Love took it all out of me


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