See The Morning


Music and lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

My God, my only light
Oh God, I know what’s right and wrong
Still I fall

Oh Lord, I know you’re near
Still I can’t drive these tears away
They just stay

But in my darkest hour you promise me a dawn
“Lean on me,” you say, “I’m the only way.”

My Lord, my knees are worn
Please stitch me where I’m torn in two
I need you

Oh God, I know you hear
Oh God, please take my fear away
Give me peace, I pray

In my darkest hour you are my hope of dawn
The table has been laid, you’ve promised me a place

Oh Lord, I’m trying now
I’ll fall, but I’ll fall down on You
Still you’re true

And though the dark surrounds me, I see the morning come
I’ll run into your arms and watch the rising sun shine on me

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