The Enemy


Music by Mali Korsten and Cuan Korsten. Lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

That crazy look in your eye
Feeding my temptation to tell you what’s true
You let the world pass you by
Blind to all the things going on around you

And you don’t really care for the outcome as long as you can put up a fight
And what do you declare is the difference between wrong and right?

Sometimes I wonder how you differentiate
Between yourself and the enemy
‘Cause all the lies you spill, they have a tendency to kill
Any hope that things are gonna change in me

So here I am, I wonder
Wonder if you’re thinking this through at all
And what is it you’re after?
Peace, or just the chance to see the enemy fall?

And what was it that I heard you say?
“We can’t let the innocent die”
Well, what is it that you’re doing now?
Is this what you call an eye for an eye?


And though I try I just can’t see
Any truth, any plain sincerity


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