New Year Thoughts


I love the New Year. I love newness, I love the thought of things being cyclical and restarting and renewing. I know that the date itself holds no intrinsic significance, but for me it’s a great opportunity to take stock of everything and plan for the next twelve months.

This year I broke down my resolutions (or “goals”, to put it more accurately)  into different aspects of life. Spiritual, personal, familial, social, musical, etc. Doing so gave me time to think about each area of my life and how I want to grow and move forward. To me this is more motivating than setting vague resolutions like “lose weight” or “make more money”. When things are broken down, I can further plan how I intend to achieve each goal in each area.

Micromanaging? Maybe. The thing is, I’m naturally very disorganised. If I don’t plan, I don’t do. It’s taken me almost 27 years, but I’ve finally found a method of planning that works for me, and enables me to actually organise my life in a simple and fun way: Bullet Journaling.

If you don’t know anything about Bullet Journaling, you can learn about it straight from the creator here. The original system is very minimalistic, but lots of people have taken it to the next level in terms of artisticness and creativity. I started Bullet Journaling five months ago, and it’s the only planning system I’ve ever managed to stick to, and by far the only one to create actual long-term positive change in my organisational skills. I really believe that it’s something I will continue with for a long time, as it’s been so life-changing. It’s truly helped me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of, without feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

All this to say that you can expect to see a lot more Bullet Journal posts on this blog in the future. I’m very excited to share more with you about how I Bullet Journal, and how you can start too!

And for what it’s worth, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a genuine fan!

To your creativity,


I’m giving away my album for free

I know in the past I’ve been pretty outspoken about how important it is for people to support indie artists by paying for their music. I still love spending money on my favourite artists, because I really want them to be able to continue making music, and I genuinely like paying for things that are valuable to me.

But, when it comes to my own music, I just want anyone who likes/loves/is curious about my it to be able to listen to it freely. It’s more important to me to have listeners than buyers, because that’s why I make music in the first place – to connect with real people. So, if you’re a real person, please accept this free gift (if it appeals to you), and share with anyone you think would enjoy it.

Peace and love.