Music and lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

Leave the ground at old Heathrow
Kiss goodbye the life I’ve known so long
Will it miss me when I’m gone?

And where’s the place that I’ll call home?
Where I’ve been or where I’ve going now?
Is it north, or down in the south?

I walk on this atlas and try to find the spot
Where my heart rests

And the sun may rise at a different time
But the same moon sleeps in the same sky
It still bends down to kiss me goodnight
And the waves may crash a little more
But it’s the same salt water rolling on the shore
The earth’s still green and blue from wherever I look
So I sing…

Got my daddy on the line
My words flying back in time
And I thank the Lord for this design

No more cold on Christmas Day
Sunburnt skin brought home the change
It’s strange – never thought I’d miss the rain

But life is a story and scenes ever change
Till we reach the last page


The world is a waiting room, home is what comes after
Life is a tragedy, a comedy – tears and laughter
I’m just a player, I’ll take a chance and run past go
I move round and round the board
I move round and round the board

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