Lyrical Art: In Repair

In Repair

This is probably my favourite song from Continuum by John Mayer. The first time I fully appreciated it was when I was walking alone along the beach at sunset, about eight years ago. The words were like rain, falling gently on my head and infiltrating my skin in the most glorious way. I’m not sure what it is about this song that gets to me, but I never tire of it!

Lyrical Art: Saltwater Heart

One of the ways I get inspired is by writing out and reflecting on other people’s lyrics. I’ve done this since I was young – it satisfies my analytical mind! After having painting this yesterday, I’ve decided to try and create and share lyrical art regularly! It’s fun, and it motivates me to write.

So, here’s the first one!


“Now it’s an abstract thought
But I’ve been thinking non-stop
‘Bout the fact that my body’s made most out of raindrops
With a saltwater heart.”
– Saltwater Heart by Switchfoot

Word-Loving Wednesday: Mercurial

On Wednesdays, I show some love to an under-appreciated word. This week’s word is:


Although this isn’t exactly an unknown word, I do think it is definitely underused, considering how awesome it is. Other words with a similar meaning include volatile, fickle, changeable and unpredictable. Any I’ve missed?

Will you join me in attempting to use “mercurial” in conversation or writing at least once this week? If so, remember to report back in the comments!

Word-Loving Wednesday

June Is Cold…

June is-2

Given that June has once again rolled around, I thought I would share this old video of my song, “Songs of June”. It was shot by good friends of ours in the back garden of our old farm cottage. Man, I miss that place!

If you like it, please share it!

Music and lyrics by Mali Korsten.
Copyright 2015 PRS. All rights reserved.

Woke on the wrong side of bed
With songs of June running round my head
They tell me I’m crazy

Demons with voices sweet
Offer me fruit from the poisonous tree
They won’t resign till they can say “She’s mine”, but I won’t be deceived
No I won’t be deceived

And June is cold in this part of the world
Where I fumble toward the light
And maybe they won’t taunt me today
If I clothe myself in the night

Temptation tells me he’s
The one in the know, one who holds the key
But I know he’s lying

‘Cause shadows require the light
To draw the outlines we recognise
The lies would not be if the truth did not see some use for them here

And June is cold in this part of the world
Where I stumble toward the light
And maybe they won’t haunt me today
If I disguise myself in the night

I find it hard to reason
I get caught up in the haze
And if I talk to myself it’s not ’cause I’m mad
I’m just trying to remember the time has passed

When I heard the voice of love
Pouring like rain from the heavens above
And the dove did descend and He promised me then that He’d never leave

And June is cold in this part of the world
But I’ll press on anyway
And I won’t fear, for I know who lives here
So I’ll bathe in the light of day


Songs of June video filmed and edited by Glory to God Productions