Word-Loving Wednesday: Ennui


On Wednesdays, I show some love to relatively unknown, underused or under-appreciated words. This week’s word is:



Definition: A feeling of listlessness or dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of occupation or excitement.
Example: The dull performance left audience members suffering from ennui.
Pronunciation: on-wee

The only time I recall hearing this word used is in a song from one of my favourite musicals. I’ve always wondered what on earth was being sung (and what it meant), until I was scouting for cool words today and came across it in my search! It might be a difficult word to integrate into general, day-to-day conversation, but I’m sure going to try!

Will you join me in attempting to use the word “ennui” in conversation at least once this week? Be sure to report back here regarding the context in which you used it! And if you would like to nominate a word for Word-Loving Wednesday, let me know in the comments section below!

Photo courtesy of Trevor on Flickr.

Interview with Chris Matthee, Writer and Director of Upcoming Short Film, “The True Shepherd”

I love great movies. I especially love them when they carry a message that resonates with me. As such, I was very excited to learn that Glory to God Productions (the same guys who shot our music videos) are planning to release a short film. Below, writer and director Chris Matthee gives us a little insight into the team’s hope and plans for the movie.


Could you give us a brief overview of the film and what it will be about?
The True Shepherd is a short film about a man called Seth who has carried a lifelong hurt towards the pastor of the church that he and his mother attended when he was a child. Continually haunted by these emotions, Seth finally comes to the realisation that the only thing able to set him free is forgiveness and the acceptance of what Christ has done for him.


Writer and director, Chris Matthee

What served as the inspiration for the film?
Inspiration for the film came from scriptures Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34, which I received during 2012. They refer to how the shepherds are leading the sheep astray, and this really hit home for me. Feeling compelled to share it, I sat down to write — and a story was born. My original idea was to make a full feature film, but I’m still in the process of writing it and thus decided to make a short film in the meantime.

Could you introduce us to the members of your team?
Our team consists of myself as the director, Jonan Grobler as the editor/sound editor and Marius van der Merwe as the producer. We also have Joshua Wood as our marketing agent, who is currently busy connecting with people on Twitter and various blogs. Beverley Matthee will be handling the photography side of things in order to keep our followers visually up to date throughout the film’s progress. It’s still small beginnings, but we look forward to seeing how God will use us.


Producer, Marius van der Merwe

How are you planning to raise funds for the film’s production?
We are going to be running an Indiegogo fundraising event, but also have information on our website for those who would like to donate outside of the Indiegogo campaign. 

Who will be acting in it?
We don’t have any actors yet, but we do have a few people in mind. Scouting and auditions will be happening soon!


Editor and sound editor, Jonan Grobler

What’s your hope for the film, once it’s complete?
We would like it to reach people all over the world, so we’ll be entering it into film festivals and short film websites, as well as making it available on iTunes. But our main goal is that the Lord takes it wherever He needs it to be.

When will it be released?
If all goes according to schedule, it should be finished and ready for release by the end of April 2014.

Where will shooting happen?
Shooting will be taking place here in the Sedgefield/Knysna area, South Africa.


Big thanks to Chris for answering my questions! I will keep you all posted on the film’s progress, but please connect with the team directly via the links below to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important news:

Official Website

My Week in Pictures









Mali and Face


Word-Loving Wednesday: Acquiesce


Every Wednesday, I’ll be showing some love to a relatively unknown, underused or under-appreciated word. This week’s word is:



Definition: To accept something reluctantly, without protest.
Example: He asked her out on a date and she acquiesced.

This is one of those words that I see a lot in print (especially in older books), but hardly ever hear used in day-to-day conversation. It’s a beautiful sounding word, and I can’t think of any other words that (in isolation) reflect the same meaning.

Will you join me in attempting to use the word “acquiesce” (or a derivative) in conversation at least once this week? Be sure to report back in the comments section below regarding the context in which you used it!


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Movie Review: Stuck In Love


I have a remarkable ability to get obsessed with stuff. I was the kind of kid who would happily watch the same movie eight times in one day, and latch on to a particular aspect of the film and incorporate it (obsessively) into my own life. For example, when I was going through my Alice In Wonderland phase, I wanted to drink black tea all the time. With a teapot and cup and saucer and everything.

But, for the past few years, I’ve been a lot more selective with my obsessions (I still love Alice In Wonderland, though). I haven’t watched movies for two or more consecutive days. I’ve done the normal, grown-up thing of watching them once and then, if I really like them, again a few months (or years) later.

About two weeks ago, I watched Stuck In Love. It’s a cute, romantic comedy-drama about a divorced writer (Greg Kinnear) and his two teenage children (also writers). The movie follows the lead characters’ personal and creative lives, often highlighting the inevitable overlap between the two. It’s well written, well acted, and strikes the perfect balance between heart-wrenching and uplifting. It’s also the first film in about six years that I’ve watched two nights in a row, and still wanted to watch again the next day.

I honestly can’t pinpoint why exactly this movie has gotten under my skin so much. Is it because Greg Kinnear is a great actor with what is possibly the world’s coolest voice? Maybe. Is it because I find the idea of writing (and being a writer) more romantic than actual romance? Probably.

Whatever the reason, I highly recommend it. Go and watch it now. Do it!

Have you seen Stuck In Love? What did you think of it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


Photo courtesy of Luis Felipe Vanegas Trujillo on Flickr.