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"Mali's record, from start to finish is a collection of beautiful, heartfelt and exquisitely written songs."

- Matt Creer (singer-songwriter,

The most chilled and lovely album I’ve ever heard. You now find me wishing the rating of this review allowed more than 5 stars, for it surely deserves 10!

- David Meulen (singer-songwriter,

"It is a beautiful album, perfect for long drives and lazy sunday afternoons. Her voice is sweet and clear and the melodies as well as the lyrics are top notch."

- Candace van der Walt

"The more you listen to it the more you want to listen."

- Malcolm Harris

"Mali's voice is fantastically pure, with bounteous character that can't help but draw you in. Every track features a little bit of personality, something which is missing in the majority of today's popular music."

- Sean Dingley

"The music is expertly put together and the album flows gently in an ensemble of brilliant vocals and gut wrenchingly sincere lyrics."

- Warren Fleming