Video 13 of 30: Just Sleeping (Original)

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This song is the fourth track on my album, Atlases & Astronauts. I wrote it for a close friend of mine who sadly passed away at a young age. It was my way of working through some unresolved grief.


“Just Sleeping”

All rise to sing a song that brings comfort to us all
But I feel the cold coming from these four walls
And people talk, they say that you are not that far
But how can they claim to know where you are?

So tell me you’re awake
Or tell me you’re just sleeping now
Sit up and break the silence somehow

Your little sister, she gets more beautiful each day
You’d be so proud if you were here today
And I often think that I should have been the one
But I guess God knows when we’ve had our run


It’s almost February, and then I’ll say,
“Happy birthday, you’d be twenty today”


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