Video 5 of 30: Starting Today (Original Song)

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I wrote Starting Today just over two years ago, for friends of mine back in England who were getting married. These particular friends have been very supportive of my music, and writing this song for their special day was my way of saying thank you!


“Starting Today”
(Jamie and Claire’s Song)

It starts today
I’ve been waiting so long to stand here and say

That my love will hold
Through the seasons ahead, while we’re young and when we are old
Through hot and through cold

Take my hand
We don’t need to run to some faraway land
‘Cause when you’re with me
Yeah, this battered and broken old world’s good enough for me
The good’s all I see

And the words that are said here today
Mark the start of the journey we’ll make
And of all God’s people, it’s you that I take
Starting today

We’re not the same
I am like fire and you are like rain
But we’re one today
We are melded together, with no room for guilt or for blame
Only grace


Today the vows that we give
Mark the start of the promise we’ll live
And I’ll love, hope, trust and always forgive


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