Review of Atlases & Astronauts by Rory Eliot of Plush

After having the privelage of supporting well-loved SA rock band Plush twice in the past, I asked frontman Rory Eliot if he’d be willing to say a few words about Mali & Me. He was happy to oblige:

 “The beauty of this band is the relationship between Mali and Cuan, the two primary contributors to these songs. Not the fact that they happen to be married lovers, but rather their synergy. It’s as though they both fulfill each other’s needs, creating the full picture only when they are together – the full picture being Mali’s sensitive lyrics supported by her velvety voice, like dripping honey, warm in the sunlight, and Cuan’s soulful approach to guitar. He always makes it look so simple and yet the nuance he brings to the music is so textured that one has to listen to the song at least 10 times before you truly can appreciate what he is adding. His ear for production is clearly also a huge contributing factor to why the sound they have created sounds so expensive.

If I could try describe these songs in one encapsulating phrase it would be this:

It’s like the soft touch of a mother when you’ve fallen down, that reassurance and warmth. It’s like spontaneously dancing in the rain with a person you’ve just met. It’s music with life, with a heartbeat and emotion. No rush, no panic, no pretence. Just the easy sounds of ‘Mali & Me’.”

– Rory Eliot, Plush

Thanks Rory! We really appreciate your kind words!
Mali (& Me!). xxx

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Atlases & Astronauts

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