Why I Love Words


I’ve always loved words. I love experimenting with the many ways in which I can arrange them in order to convey a certain meaning or message. I love the way words allow us to communicate, how they afford us the ability to express ourselves in ways in which we would not otherwise be able. I love learning new words. I love that I’ll probably still be learning new words till I die. I love that new words are being continually added to the English language. I love that even if I manage to learn every single word in the English dictionary (not likely), then I can still go on to learn new words in other languages. I’m a word person.

With that in mind, I am going to be starting a “Word of the Week” series on this blog. Each week, I will select a cool, underused word and discuss its meaning, the various contexts in which it can be used, etc. Then I’ll challenge myself (and you!) to use the word in a sentence, song or conversation at least once during the following week!

Stay tuned for the first post in my “Word of the Week” series!

Do you love words? What’s your favourite word? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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2 Thoughts on “Why I Love Words

  1. Hey Mali! What a chord you strike on the topic words and language!! I look so forward to your first word of the week post… I don’t know if I have a favourite word, more likely several – “tintannibulation”, “canter”, “touche”, “cascade”, “lace”… But best of all is when you hear someone use a words most aptly, a word that you had quite forgotten about! Bless you…

    • Hey Emily! Some awesome words there – amazing how even simple ones like “lace” can be so cool. I agree that it’s exciting to hear a forgotten word used in a fitting context. Can’t wait to start researching interesting words to showcase!

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