Word-Loving Wednesday: Ennui


On Wednesdays, I show some love to relatively unknown, underused or under-appreciated words. This week’s word is:



Definition: A feeling of listlessness or dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of occupation or excitement.
Example: The dull performance left audience members suffering from ennui.
Pronunciation: on-wee

The only time I recall hearing this word used is in a song from one of my favourite musicals. I’ve always wondered what on earth was being sung (and what it meant), until I was scouting for cool words today and came across it in my search! It might be a difficult word to integrate into general, day-to-day conversation, but I’m sure going to try!

Will you join me in attempting to use the word “ennui” in conversation at least once this week? Be sure to report back here regarding the context in which you used it! And if you would like to nominate a word for Word-Loving Wednesday, let me know in the comments section below!

Photo courtesy of Trevor on Flickr.

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