Word-Loving Wednesday: Saturnine


On Wednesdays, I show some love to relatively unknown, underused or under-appreciated words. This week’s word is:



– (of a person or their manner) slow and gloomy.
– (of a person or their features) dark in coloring and moody or mysterious.
– (of a place or an occasion) gloomy.
Example: His face was hauntingly saturnine, with its dark, brooding features and general air of gloom.
Pronunciation: sat-ur-nine

I love everything about this word! I love the way it sounds, I love its meaning, and I love the imagery it evokes. I’m definitely going to try and use it more regularly, both in writing and in every day conversation.

Will you join me in attempting to use the word “saturnine” in conversation at least once this week? Be sure to report back here regarding the context in which you used it! And if you’d like to nominate a word for Word-Loving Wednesday, simply post it in the comments section below!

Photo courtesy of Trevor on Flickr.

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