Word-Loving Wednesday: Acquiesce


Every Wednesday, I’ll be showing some love to a relatively unknown, underused or under-appreciated word. This week’s word is:



Definition: To accept something reluctantly, without protest.
Example: He asked her out on a date and she acquiesced.

This is one of those words that I see a lot in print (especially in older books), but hardly ever hear used in day-to-day conversation. It’s a beautiful sounding word, and I can’t think of any other words that (in isolation) reflect the same meaning.

Will you join me in attempting to use the word “acquiesce” (or a derivative) in conversation at least once this week? Be sure to report back in the comments section below regarding the context in which you used it!


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Why I Love Words


I’ve always loved words. I love experimenting with the many ways in which I can arrange them in order to convey a certain meaning or message. I love the way words allow us to communicate, how they afford us the ability to express ourselves in ways in which we would not otherwise be able. I love learning new words. I love that I’ll probably still be learning new words till I die. I love that new words are being continually added to the English language. I love that even if I manage to learn every single word in the English dictionary (not likely), then I can still go on to learn new words in other languages. I’m a word person.

With that in mind, I am going to be starting a “Word of the Week” series on this blog. Each week, I will select a cool, underused word and discuss its meaning, the various contexts in which it can be used, etc. Then I’ll challenge myself (and you!) to use the word in a sentence, song or conversation at least once during the following week!

Stay tuned for the first post in my “Word of the Week” series!

Do you love words? What’s your favourite word? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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The Gift of Creativity


In Jon Foreman‘s blog post on “Making a Living”, he talks about the word “re-appropriate”. He says he stole this word from a friend, who stole it from someone else. Now I’m going to steal it from him!

According to Jon’s article, to re-appropriate means to seize and reassign. When used in relation to art and creativity (and even songwriting), this word is quite revelatory. We are all working with a finite number of notes, chords, words, colours, etc. These raw materials already exist. So when we mere mortals “create” something, we are in fact just re-appropriating (seizing and reassigning) things which have already been created.

I think on of the reasons why art is so compelling is that when we engage in this artistic act of re-appropriation, it is as though we have been invited to share in the experience of creation. It’s as if God is giving us a little glimpse into His own creative character, whilst simultaneously reminding us that He is the ultimate author.

When we realise that our desire to create is a result of our having been made in God’s image, we can also develop a deeper understanding of how God sees us. Most (if not all) artists I know love, cherish and value their creations. They view their art as precious and close to their heart. Is this not how God sees us? As precious and valuable?

God is creative, and when we try and create something new from the raw materials that He has already made, we experience another aspect of His character. I for one am thankful that He has invited us to partake in the gift of creativity!


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Why I Wrote a Book about Songwriting


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In my many encounters with both aspiring and accomplished songwriters, it became apparent to me there’s one thing that nearly all writers wish they had more of: inspiration.

I am no exception. I know the frustration wanting desperately to write a song, but just not “feeling it”. I also know the joy of feeling like an entire song falls out of nowhere, and have longed for that to happen more frequently.

I figured that when I’m feeling uninspired, I must just not be looking hard enough. I wondered if there was a way to train the mind to see inspiration where it might previously have been overlooked. I started taking note of any techniques that helped me to get inspired and write more (and better) songs.

Then, when I started hosting songwriting workshops last year, I formulated specific exercises designed to help attendees overcome any obstacles they might face in their attempts at songwriting. I saw how well these techniques worked, and realised that there are probably lots of songwriters, of varying levels of experience, who could also benefit from them. Thus, I decided to put them into a book!

I didn’t write the book because I think I’m the best songwriter in the world, and you’re all just playing for second. I didn’t write it because I think you suck at songwriting and need my help. I didn’t write it to make thousands of dollars (although that would be nice). I wrote it because I found methods that work, and I wanted to share them. Also, I’ve always wanted to write (and finish) a book, so now I can cross that off my bucket list!

If you have any questions about the book, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

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